Second stage buttock lifting girdle high waist above the knee - Black

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Slimng 03

Second stage slim girdles are made of an elastic material with elastane fibres and polyamide microfibres. the polyamide microfibres are filled with thousands of specially developed microcapsules that are very resistent, porous and inert. They contain active ingredients that are released gradually during the garments lifespan while it is being used. 


The capsules contain caffeine, retinol ( Vit A ) ceramides, Vit E and Aloe Vera. Continued use of the garment helps contouring the body in the areas of surgery. activate microcirculation and boost collagen synthesis. It also provides a moisturising anti - inflammatory and anti- irritant effect. These garments are recommended for longer post operative periods. voe-second-stage-charting.png